Volume 1 | Issue 1 | 2013


The project "The 21st century skills through the teaching of religious education: A Case Study the Schism of 1054" is a teaching proposal that aims to develop the skills of pupils of the 1st grade of Senior High School, in order to meet the 21st century needs. This educational intervention was developed by RE teachers who teach at the Senior High School of ZipariKos and at the 10th Senior High School of Peristeri, in collaboration with the Inter-Orthodox
Center of the Church of Greece. The educational script was based on a historical event, the Schism of 1054, which the students were asked to investigate, illuminating and deepening on facts and analyzing the behaviours and motivations of the protagonists. A series of instructional techniques with the use of ICT was implemented, following the basic taxonomy of the 21st century skills: ways of thinking, ways of working, working tools and life skills. These techniques were the means of communication and cooperation, but also the means for research, processing and presentation of the project results. The teaching techniques used aimed mainly at developing creative - divergent thinking (6 thinking hats, problem solving, role playing), critical processing of information, research skills, collaboration, problem solving and enhancing the initiative and making decisions.


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