Volume 1 | Issue 1 | 2013



The purpose of this paper is to present the Research about nutrition habits of students, to exhibit the factors which have been surveyed, to point out some issues on the methodology of the research and at the same time to pinpoint the continuity of the research on elements inadequately surveyed. The paper is composed of four units. In the introduction, the importance of nutrition habits of students is made eminent and documented. In the second unit we present the relevant research approaches on variables concerning student characteristics, family characteristics, health indicators, physical efficiency indicators, school and the broader environment. In the third unit we present some issues on research methodology and in the fourth unit we write down the findings of the research. As it is ascertained, the combination of physical exercise and healthy diet consists two ideal forms of behaviour. Important role in the acquisition of these types of behaviour play the characteristics of the students, their knowledge, attitudes, notions and the satisfaction they draw through these types of behaviour, family, school and other influences of the broader social and nutritional environment. The contribution of the paper lies in the formation of a plan of the variable categories concerning the research on students' nutrition habits ,the critical approach on issues relative to research methodology and the indication of some areas for further research.


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