Volume 1 | Issue 1 | 2013



Current paper is aimed to the direction of bringing forward the utmost need of Secondary Education Principals’ training on Information Communication Technology (ICT). The theoretical context of our paper is a part of the general context of training educational leaders on educational leadership, around of which many conclusions have been studied and figured out. Nevertheless, not more than a few ones have been focused on the need mentioned. Almost all research about the relationship between a Principal and ICT is oriented to the Principal’s effect on teaching and generally adopting ICT in her/his school, instead of the improving degree of her/his leadership skills, to the direction of multiple contribution to the educational community (students, parents, teachers, superintendents) as a whole. We claim that it will be found out that the need of a very good awareness and familiarization of a Principal, regarding ICT, is imminent and imperative. Our work is based on literature, as well as on an original research.


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