Volume 1 | Issue 1 | 2013



The purpose of the paper is to present an educational program aimed at interdisciplinary teaching of the concepts of leadership and leader. In the program are involved the school teacher, the physical education (PE) teacher and 22 elementary school students aged 11 yrs old. The students were taught the concepts of leader-leadership via literature and PE for ten (10) weeks. The basic methodological approach was the project technique combined with other teaching techniques such as role play and the construction of a conceptual map. The program was designed on the basis of action research and implemented in two phases. In the first phase the teacher and the students approached the two concepts through literature and research on the internet. During the second phase, the students were involved in team games, where the concepts of leadership-leader are critical for successful outcomes. The program was evaluated using formative and final assessment. The evaluation indicated that all students thoroughly had understood the concepts of leader-leadership, they developed critical thinking and worked together efficiently.


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