Volume 1 | Issue 1 | 2013



The fast rhythm of the new technology spreading within and across all the areas of human action and its cheap access is pushing into new areas of the work force, concerning new inputs and outputs, and mainly requiring efficiency and quality. So, in the area of education are now required new skills, other than those relating to professional qualifications, such as the development of creativity and innovation. The modern educator is necessary to have the ability to work effectively in a group and share the same values and visions with others both face-to-face and from distance. The most basic ability, however, is the ability for himself and his students, to learn how to learn and how quickly and to acquire new knowledge easily, in order to improve the existing and to learn how to adapt to changes. As this topic is extremely broad, this study will focus more on innovation in teaching and learning and on the creative model of education which is promoted through the Web-based education (online training) with the use of the theory of E D Bono "six thinking hats" to teachers, emphasizing to the Physical Education teachers. In order to study the strengths and the weaknesses, the opportunities and the threats of the current online training we used the SWOT ANALYSIS.


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