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The work of women philosophers in the field of Administrative Sciences is timeless and diverse, but it has not been studied, especially in the Greek literature. They highlighted the importance of the administration and the way that the State is organized, the private sector, ethics, division of labor, conflict management, diversity management etc. Women such as Mary Parker Follett, Lilian Moller Gilbreth, Jane Adams, Rosabeth Moss Kanter and many more have pioneered and continue to pioneer by introducing innovative ideas and opinions into public and private management and influencing the thinking of young people. The aim of the article is to present women philosophers and the way in which these theories have been incorporated into modern administration. To achieve this goal, the article adopted the literature review, in order to highlight the holistic approach to the subject. Through the literature review, will present the opinions of women philosophers on Administrative Sciences and the way in which they will integrate into the modern era of management. The conclusions are particularly important and their utilization will substantially contribute to the upgrading of academic teaching and practices of Administrative Sciences in Greece and contribute to the reduction of gender stereotypes.

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