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In this article we will deal with the issue of the presence of women in the leadership of the educational pyramid. The existence of the "glass roof" and the "sticky floor" in the educational leadership in the Primary education of our country are intangible constructions, but there are plans. From this point of view, we will try to answer the general problem that is spreading in the field of Education, the same as almost thirty years ago when US researchers asked the same question: "Why should women teach and men should lead?" (Strober & Tyack, 1980).We will first investigate closely whether there is gender inequality in society. We will detect the effects of the “glass roof “ and the "sticky floor". We will focus on educational legislation related to the support or not of women's existence as schoolgirls and finally the candidates

Full text: pdfThe gender dimension in the Greek educational reality - The Glass roof or the cobbled floor? 256 KB