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This article presents research on a conceptual approach to the concept of citizenship-citizenship, which exists in the textbook of the course of Social and Political Education of the Elementary School and in the Curriculum of the respective S.P.E. (Government Gazette 303, 304 / 13-3-2003, vol. BD). General objective of the course of S.P.E. Compulsory Education is social literacy, so that today's students can develop as tomorrow's responsible and active citizens, equipped with both the necessary knowledge and social, communication and critical skills, to be able to meet the demands of modern and the globalized labor market, with respect for humanistic principles, democracy and diversity, with a view to sustainable development. Our research was carried out with the methodological tool the development of textbook content. However, in parallel with the depth focus group method, we recorded the views of the Primary education teachers who teach the S.P.E. course in the Primary School.

Full text: pdf"The concept of" citizen "-" citizenship "in the Curriculum of the course of Social and Political Education of the primary school and in the educational material of the Social Political Education of the primary school" 873 KB