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The purpose of this research is to investigate the views and attitudes of Greek language teach-ers of the prefecture of Achaia on teaching of oral speech in Greek secondary education.101 teachers participated in the research which followed the quantitative research example, and the data were collected using a questionnaire that explored the importance that teachers attach to the teaching of spoken language skills, the adequacy of the corresponding exercises con-tained in the Greek language textbooks and the teaching of spoken language preferred by teachers. In terms of teaching oral skills, they are not used to using modern technological means and prefer practices such as presenting tasks, formulating opinions and role-playing games. It appears that they pay special attention to the vocabulary and the style of the pro-duced speech as well as to the relation of the produced speech with the communicative cir-cumstance. They also ask for more help and guidance from the curriculum. We believe that the findings of the research will be useful as the skills of oral speech, especially in secondary edu-cation, is a field that has space for investigation because of the limited number of similar re-search.

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