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The cultural diversity that characterizes most of the classrooms in Cyprus in recent years makes the need to implement intercultural education in its schools. The reason for the creation of this research was the observations within the school units of the native students who develop and manifest - most of the time - an unprecedented and carefree racist behavior towards their foreign classmates. In order to identify the reason and the cause of these racist behaviors, the present research focused in the first phase on the family environment of the native student. An attempt was made to investigate the views of Greek Cypriot parents regarding the co-education of indigenous children with foreign classmates. To what extent and to what extent do Greek Cypriot parents accept or reject intercultural education in kindergarten? The research involved 482 Greek Cypriot parents whose children were studying with foreign children in the public kindergartens of free Cyprus. The data collection was done through the issuance of questionnaires. The findings of the research prove that Greek Cypriot parents are wary of co-education, closing light to accept.

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