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In the modern era of technological development and rapid change, the school is called upon to meet new needs and requirements for increased quality of the educational work provided. Education theorists and international organizations consider it imperative to turn it into a learning organization, something that increasingly concerns teachers themselves. The present work is a qualitative research, which through semi-structured interviews attempted to record the perceptions of members of the primary education staff of the Florina regional unit regarding the factors that contribute to the quality upgrade, efficiency, and transformation of the school, in a dying organism. The twenty participants were asked to identify the characteristics of a learning organization, to assess the feasibility of the aforementioned transformation, but also to submit their proposals for a quality school. The conclusions record the certainty of the teachers in the sample about the need to form learning organizations. The most important factors for the success of the project are the substantial support from the state, the abolition of bureaucracy, effective leadership, the development of a culture of cooperation and the positive attitude of all involved.

Full text: pdfThe factors that contribute to the improvement of the quality and efficiency of the modern school establishing it as a learning organisation 592 KB