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The 3rd International Experiential Conference on Applied Teaching (IECAT 2020), was organized by the Scientific and Cultural Association “Educational Circle” (educircle, n.d.) and in collaboration with 13 Universities in Greece and abroad. The purpose of the conference was to highlight innovative practices, trends, perspectives, modern pedagogical guidelines and explore the new challenges for education through ten key components, which were the thematic areas of the conference. In this context, we designed and implemented a research study in order to record the views of the participants in relation to the thematic context of the conference. The results underscore the pedagogical basis at any innovative practice used in teaching, as the students seem to be placed at the center of the educational and teaching process. Moreover, the majority of teachersstate that the goal of their teaching is the comprehensive development of students at all levels of knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Therefore, they ask for more opportunities for professional development and support at integrating distance learning techniques and methodology at all levels of education.

Full text: pdfPresentation of research findings regarding the IECAT2020 participants’ views on the thematic context of the conference 486 KB