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The current paper presents workshop with a detailed analysis of the light spectrum in order to calculate the incandesce timing of an electric heated resistor, also the wave length of the emitted radiation. An experiment is done to calculate the various basic characteristics of the resistor. The software that is used is of moderate difficulty. The aim of the project is to incorporate innovations in the educational process. It is addressed to teachers of secondary general or vocational education. The specific methodology can be used in Physics and specifically in teaching optics, heat, and in Metallurgy for the analysis of metal vapor spectrum. Also, it can be used in Technical vocational training courses that teach electric heated car catalysts. By altering this method, modern educational objects can be created for any level of education, thus enriching the educational process and integrating STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). The video of the experiment is presented and the free open source software used is called Tracker Video Analysis and Modeling Tool, which is suggested in the development of other similar applications. This software introduces open source programming, which is especially well known to teachers, specializing in Physics, in video motion analysis. Furthermore, it has the ability to analyze the light spectrum, which little information is stated on the internet. Therefore, this effort encourages teachers to use ICT, in a pleasant and innovative way, for the benefit of learning.

Full text: pdfCalculation of the characteristic quantities of an incandescent resistor from the analysis of light spectrum, to be included in the educational process with STEM methodology. 1,176 MB