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The purpose of this paper is to present the results of the evaluation of the training programme of the B΄ Level Educators’ on ICT at the University Training Centres of the Foreign Languages Teachers’ group, which took place during the first seven months of 2019 through the mixed training model. First, the organisational framework, the content, the planning and the implementation of the programme are presented. An online questionnaire was chosen as means of collecting data. Its dimensions were the investigation of the trainees’ opinions on the training contribution on their educational work, the use of practices of the mixed training model and their application perspectives by the future educators. The results indicate the positive evaluation of the programme and the accomplishment of the initial expectations-goals. The negative elements found were the intensive pace of the courses and the massive load of the training material. Finally, proposals are being noted to be used in planning future training programmes.

Full text: pdfEvaluation of the Trainers’ Training Programme of ICT B΄ level at the University Training Centres (P.A.K.E.). The case of the Foreign Language Group 543 KB