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The reorganization of the educational support structures led to the institutionalization of the Educational Project Coordinator. The tasks and responsibilities assigned to him include a wide range of functions: from teachers’ training to the confrontation of diverse issues within a collaborative framework characterized by collective decision-making. The research explores the views of 6 Attica Educational Project Coordinators on how the teachers in their school units are facing the new institution. Qualitative research methodology was used and data collection was based on a semi-structured interview. Participants stated that the teachers welcomed the Coordinator’s face with caution, ranging from reluctance to indifference and adopting a neutral attitude to change. The work highlights the challenge for new executives to gain the confidence of their teachers so that they can work with them effectively in order to promote their every-day work in school units.

Full text: pdfOpinions of Educational Work Coordinators on their acceptance by school teachers 417 KB