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This paper focuses on the project "Environmental migration: Our voice, our power" which was implemented in a Senior High School during the school years 2015-2016 and 2016-2017, within the framework of the European programmes "eTwinning", "Teachers4Europe" and "IncludU" and was awarded with the label of best educational quality practice from the programme «S.A.M.E. world». Three teachers of different specializations collaborated with students from all grades of our school. Our participation aimed to bring together pupils with the European Union and the concept of environmental education through experiential actions. The students discussed, criticized, became aware of the current situation and realized that we have to work together for a free, socially just and democratic Europe of the future that places its respect on the environment and humanity as its main priority. More specifically, our activities included: a) the creation of a film about the myth of Europe, the history of the European Union, its goals, the problems it faces, the concerns about European integration and its prospects, b) raising awareness of contemporary problems, especially of environmental concern, c) simulating the functioning of the European Parliament as an instrument of justice and decision-making, d) engaging in new technologies and digital media. For the evaluation of the practice, the teachers used the quantitative method through the electronic questionnaire.


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