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The aim of this study is to highlight the importance of introducing the logical-mathematical concepts contained in junior high school subject “Technology” for the education of students with mild mental retardation. In the context of this study there is a description of educational practices and interventions which are based on the didactic process for introducing the logical-mathematical concepts of space, time, distance and size, on the interactive approach and on active learning. The analysis of the theoretical and research framework concerning the characteristics of students with mental retardation, as shown by the definition in the Greek Curriculum and by researchers before and after the 80’s, illustrates the importance of the active participation of students with mental retardation via experiential activities and continuing education with exercises for the functional structuring of logical-mathematical concepts.


Full text: pdfPractices and Interventions at junior high school for the education of logical-mathematical concepts contained in subject “Technology” for students with mild mental retardation867KB