In-company training aims to develop human resources and can provide multiple benefits to employees, such as new knowledge, skills and abilities. Working women who participate in in-company training programs reap significant benefits that focus mainly on their professional development and personal development. In the present research, the views of working women, in the private sector of the Prefecture of Heraklion, are investigated, regarding the benefits that both the businesses and the women derive from in-company training. During the research process, the qualitative method of research approach was chosen and semi-structured interviews were used as a research tool. The sample of the research consisted of 10 employees, and as a method of selecting subjects the deliberate sampling of a typical case was used. The results of the research confirmed the benefits of in-company training for working women and the company. As evidenced by the views of women who participated in the survey, in-company training enhances the personal and professional development of the working woman, while offering her substantial psychological benefits. Also with regard to the company, in-company training contributes to the reduction of errors and the application of safety rules, enhances the expertise of the staff, contributes to the reduction of staff supervision costs and strengthens the financial figures and the reliability of the business.

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