The concept of "sustainability" forms new data in the areas of environmental education with which teachers must adapt in order to be able to transmit their knowledge to learners (Kysilka, 1998). The main difference between sustainable development and environmental education is that sustainable development education refers to all education and capacity building in both quality and quantity (Gough, 2005). Sustainable development, therefore, "means the change of practices along with the change of priorities, which in turn should be based on the knowledge on the one hand of the limits of endurance and on the other hand of the interrelation of the elements of the natural environment" (Arianoutsou, 1999). In order for development to be sustainable, any use of natural resources to meet the needs of humanity must take into account the reserves of natural resources and the impact of this use on the natural, social and economic environment of modern and future human societies (Dimitriou , 2005). The conclusions of the research are a product of the synthesis of bibliographic material and information which were collected with the methodology of the Bibliographic Research.

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