This paper investigates the views of Primary Education teachers of twenty seven Classes of Reception of Educational Priority Zones for the evaluation of their operation in the areas of Etoloakarnania, Grevena and Kozani, during the three school years 2018-2020. It also presents proposals for improving their operation, in order to promote the equal integration of all students in the educational system. The research data were extracted from the annual operation reports of the Reception Classes, which were studied and utilized as case studies. The findings show that the Reception Classes largely cover the need to support the students, who attend Primary Schools, in terms of strengthening Greek learning and creating appropriate supportive conditions to reduce school dropout, in order to achieve, if possible, universal and full integration of students, without discrimination and exclusion, in the educational process. Progress was recorded in student performance, mainly in literacy and numeracy, enhancing students' self-esteem and improving socialization and school conditions. However, it seemed that an effort was needed to improve the cooperation of the school unit and the teachers of the Reception Classes with the parents of the students. In general, the reception classes, under the appropriate conditions, with a main targeted training of the teachers of the Reception Classes, but also of all the teachers of the school unit, in matters of multicultural education, can contribute in the direction of inclusion and reduction of school dropout. Finally, it is proposed the regular cooperation of all teachers of the school unit, the use of the experience of teachers who teach in the Reception Classes, through the creation of e-learning communities, as well as the appropriate, targeted use of new printed and digital educational materials.

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