This research explores if the profile of kindergarten teachers bears an impact on their perception towards the idea of introducing a foreign language, especially the English language as a separate subject in the kindergarten. More specifically, it was explored whether and to what extent socio-demographic information concerning each kindergarten teacher separately (e.g. years of service, age, language knowledge e.t.c.) is related to adopting such an innovation or not. The quantitative approach and closed-ended questionnaires, which were completed by teachers currently working at public kindergartens throughout Greece were used as methodological tools. The sample surveyed was 50 kindergarten teachers and the statistical analysis of the quantitative data was carried out with the SPSS software package, which is used for complex statistics. Τhis research project depicted that certain factors, which are related to each pre-school educator separately, such as age, additional academic and vocational training, teaching experience, the school area and so on have no influence on their opinion concerning the incorporation of the English language in the kindergarten.

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