The propose of the article is the presentation of an innovative didactic proposal with an experimental and modern character, the Adoption of a Monument, which is implemented in a group way and focuses on local history issues. School, through specific groups of students, undertakes the interdisciplinary study, protection and promotion of a local monument with specialized work of each group in areas such as the chronological presentation of the historical course of the monument, its architectural elements, its role at the time was built, persons associated with it, its condition today etc. Innovation is implemented through ten indicative steps, using mainly the project method. A prerequisite for its effective implementation is the formation of conditions of cooperation and authenticity in the context of action despite the obstacles posed by strict school programs and the culture of emphasis on results and not so much on the learning process. Challenge for innovation in school is one the one hand the acquisition of authentic learning experiences and on the other hand the effective dissemination of the results of each action.

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