Minority education is a special condition of the Greek educational reality, it concerns the Muslim minority of Thrace and has both social and political dimensions. The present study examines the issue of social exclusion in minority education and the effects it has on their integration into the social development of the region of Thrace. The results of the research show that the teachers of the sample perceive the existence of a strong connection between the family - social environment of the child with both the school performance and the school dropout. In addition, there is a strong correlation between the curriculum and school performance, while there was a moderately strong positive correlation in their speech both in terms of the link between the curriculum and school dropout, as well as the link between educational work and school dropout. Finally, it turned out that social exclusion has a source in education provided by the Greek state which does not take into account their particular characteristics. The factors that act as a deterrent to the exercise of an effective educational policy for the minority by the Greek state were also sought. The conclusions of the research are a product of the synthesis of bibliographic material and information which were collected with the methodology of the Bibliographic Research.

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