This article attempts to highlight the aspects of the senior High School Managers concerning innovation and its importance, as well as the role of leadership in the processes of its introduction and implementation. The research focuses on the recently instituted Innovation of “Creative Work”, in 2016, which is a compulsory activity in the General High School.
The objective of the Ministry towards it,implementing it in the school curriculum has been the acquisition of knowledge and skills that would help students take on responsibilities and initiatives, as well as theuse of experimentation and critical thinking in solving problems. These new exploratory and collaborative teaching techniques are applied to encourage students towards cultivating creative thinking.
The survey was conducted in spring 2019 and was based on the technique of semi-structured interview with 11 senior High School principles of the country withlarge geographical distribution.
The High School Principles consider “Creative Work” as an innovative programme that increases students' interest in the various school subjects and at the same time develops their creativity and synthetic ability. In their view, at schools thatan innovation culture exists, the implementation of “Creative Work” is more successful than the other ones. The findings of the present research are expected to provide ideas for further study on this subject, as the sample of the survey does not allow generalizations.

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