The coexistence of students from different lingual and cultural backgrounds has increasingly become the dominant reality in the modern classroom both in relation to national schools and in Greek-speaking foreign education programs. Especially, when it comes to teaching Greek as a second/foreign language in abroad, the instructional material and the aims of the curriculum proposed for this purpose, need to be strengthened and adapted by the teacher according to the students towards whom it is aimed and in particular to the circumstances under which they are required to teach. Based on this fact, the present paper attempts to present a teaching plan based on the poem “I podilatissa (The bicycle rider)” by Odysseus Elytis. The design of the plan was based on Task Based Learning Teaching while also utilizing strategies from Differentiated Instruction. The lesson plan was applied on 3th grade pupils taught Greek as L2/FL in a minority Elementary School in Istanbul. The aim of the article is to highlight the importance of Differentiated Teaching in conjunction with the utilization of modern methods and techniques in classes where students with different language skill level coexist.

Full text: pdfDifferentiated lessonplan in the teaching of Greek as second/foreign language based on the poem "I podilatissa (The bicycle rider)" by Odysseus Elytis. 910 KB