Volume 8 | Issue 3 | 2020
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    Spyros Kioulanis 7

Thematic evaluation of the 3rd International Experiential Conference on Applied Teaching: "New Challenges in Education" 2nd-4th October 2020 On Web http://www.iecat.educircle.gr/

    Spiros Kioulanis, Iosif Fragkoulis, Evaggelos Anagnou, Vasileios Karnavas, Maria Niari, Christos Samaras

Presentation of research findings regarding the IECAT2020 participants’ views on the thematic context of the conference

    Spyros Kioulanis, Christos Samaras, Maria Niari

Digital skills and communication in adult learning: a survey of students and tutors of the Hellenic Open University

    Georgios Panagiotopoulos, Ilia Tsaplari, Zoe Karanikola

Studying gendered representation and gender stereotypes in Modern Greek Language textbook: examples from secondary education

    Vasiliki Chatziefthymiou
  Women and Leadership: Their representation in greek education
    Katerina Sarafidou

The views of Annual Pedagogical Training Programme students in connection with the use of modern types of education: The case of teleconference

    Eirini Vogiatzaki, Eleni Kouraki, Iosif Fragkoulis 73-98

Students’ points of view regarding their professors: empirical research in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

    Antonis D. Papaoikonomou

Effect of chemical contaminants on brain development and mental health of preschool and school-age children: a review

    Maria Lyssikatou, Andreas Oikonomou

Opinions of Educational Work Coordinators on their acceptance by school teachers

    Theodoros Karamitopoulos

School Counselors' perceptions of the role of the modern School Counselor and the processes for developing self-evaluation

    Miltiadis Pentas, Anastasia Α. Pampouri 142-158

Evaluation of the Trainers’ Training Programme of ICT B΄ level at the University Training Centres (P.A.K.E.). The case of the Foreign Language Group

    Fotoula Katsoulou 159-176

STEM Education in Europe & the PISA Test

    Georgios Roungos, Christos Kalloniatis, Yiannis Matsinos  177-187

Calculation of the characteristic quantities of an incandescent resistor from the analysis of light spectrum, to be included in the educational process with STEM methodology.

    Polydoros Stavropoulos, Vasilis Koutoufaris 188-201

Professional stress of teachers and school performance of high school senior students

    Xanthippi Foulidi, Evangelos C. Papakitsos, Irini Dimou, Xenophon Vamvakeros

Social skills of children with visual impairment

    Marilena Koukouvetsou

Art unites students with and without disabilities: A case study in secondary education

    Argyroula Alexandropoulou, Elena –Fibi Chitiri

The role of friendship and peers in multicultural classes

    Georgia Karountzou

Nine basic guiding pedagogical principles of philosophy of 'Reggio Emilia' Elementary Schools: Teachers at the center of the learning process and school life: Challenges and reality in the Greek Education System

    Dimitrios Sidiropoulos

Causes of conflicts among secondary school teachers

    Helen Mavrogeorgou

Evaluation of the factorial structure of the Oldenburg Burnout Inventory (OLBI) research tool in the field of education in Greece

    Constantine Zogopoulos, Maria Mpantouna

Teaching English to refugee students in the Greek Primary School: Problems and difficulties towards literacy development

    Nikoleta Dervou 326-345

Investigating of teachers’ views in Vocational Lyceums for the difficulties encountered during the implementation of the Apprenticeship. Acasestudy

    Efstathia Karampini, Evaggelos Anagnou

Teaching approaches and perspectives in online learning environments

    Stefanos Armakolas, Αnastasia Griva, Maria Papathanasiou 363-376
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