Volume 7 | Issue 1 | 2019
  Table of Content
    Spyros Kioulanis 6-7

Analyzing the needs of private and state sector teachers of English regarding effective in-service training programs

    Kitzoglou Evdoki, Dr Alexandra Anastasiadou 8-28

The relations between teachers and students in Gymnasium: Thecase of Mathematics teacher

    Gerasimos-Christos Asonitis 29-44

The Use of Strategic Learning in the Course of German as a Second Foreign Language (SR2) in Primary Education

    Agorastos George 45-60
  Ethics and Research in Higher Education: Concepts Compatible or Incompatible?
    Pitsou Charikleia, Liosi Foteini 61-72

The modern teacher’s professional identity and its influence on the shaping of school culture

    Theodora-Maria Natsiou 73-90

Innovative teaching intervention to reduce anxiety for Statistics

    Kalaitzidou Magdalini 91-101

The school climate and its evaluation: notions, hesitations and resistances of primary school teachers

    Kokkineli Kiriaki 102-120

Incentives for the participation of women prisoners in educational programmes. Case study in the SCS of the Eleonas Thebes detention facility

    Despoina Papadionyssiou, Evagelos Anagnou, Sofia Papastefanaki 121-137

School educational evaluation: a critical approach of the new framework as seen from the Total Quality Management (TQM) Perspective

    Kazantzis Christos 138-148

View points and attitudes of School Principals in Primary Level Education towards the ability of exercising leadership, based on the current legal framework and the structure of the Greek Educational system

    Maria Tektonopoulou 149-172

Playing as an educational tool

    Christos Koltsis, Evanthia Tolka, StavrosKoltsis, Eleftheria Panagiotidou, Bakali-Tzanetti Georgia 173-188

«Presentation of a teaching scenario of digital literacy in infant school education»

    Kostenidou Ioanna  189-200

The contribution of visual arts to the teaching of natural concepts in preschool age: The case of water

    Konstantinou Eirini, Panagiotou Evangelia, Latsi Sofia 201-214

School Advisor. From construction to deconstruction.

    Evangelos Kelesidis 215-238

The election of the Deputy Director of the school

    Stylianidou V. Evmorfia 239-263
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