Volume 5 | Issue 3 | 2017
  Table of Content
    Spyros Kioulanis 5-7

Teachers training in the innovation of the project

    Dr. Argyriou Argyrios, Dr Pavlikakis Georgios, Andreadou Despoina 8-28

Computer-mediated task-based learning and Asperger’s syndrome

    Maria Mishou 29-39
  Opinions of trainers of adults of Ilia and Achaia regarding the effective use of art in their teaching work
    Vassiliki Bouda, Iosif Fragoulis 40-57

The headmaster-leader of Second Chance Schools

    Evaggelos Anagnou 58-78

Acrostics in the traces of writing

    Konstantina Eirini Koufou,Spyridon Papadakis 79-90

The role of constructive play in the cognitive, social and emotional development of children in preschool and early school age

    Dimitrios Sidiropoulos 91-99

Digital storytelling: review and suggestions for its use in primary and secondary education

    Timoleon Theofanellis, Zisis Dimitriadis - 100-113

“Developing the capacity of Secondary Education Schools and teachers in order to improve learning through the Internet Learning Communities: The role of the State School Advisor”

    Dr. Dimitris M. Mylonas 114-127

English language teaching through the international research-European Survey on Language Competences (ESLC)

    Mary K. Birbili, Anthony Papaeconomou 128-160
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