Volume 5 | Issue 2 | 2017
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    Spyros Kioulanis 6-7

Gamification is not (just) a game but it is an important material for on line distance learning

    Spyros Kioulanis 9-16

Second Language Acquisition theories as reflected in CALL and MALL

    Maria Mishou 17-28
  Effective schools and predictors of academic success
    Androutsou Despina , Montgomery Anthony , Anastasiou Adamos 29-36

Results from the use of tablets for teaching the digestive system to primary school students

    Emmanuel Fokides , Foteini Makarouna 37-52

The usage of self-funded Vocational Training Programs, an evaluative approach by workers and unemployed

    Staboulis Miltiadis, Valkanos Efthymios, Vlaxou Despoina 53-76

Bullying in primary and secondary education. Τhe important role of teachers in detecting, preventing and dealing with bullying

    Eleni Kiosse, Despina Kiourtsidou 77-102

The collaborative planning of teaching and its contribution to the achievement of students’ learning: the case of Lesson Study

    Eurydice-Maria Kanellopoulou, Maria Darra 103-126

Universal Design for Learning (UDL): Fields and Examples of applications of the principles

    Achilleas Giannelos, Maria Mathioudaki 127-144

Investigation of the training needs of teachers on topics of culture

    Xanthipi Foulidi, Konstantinos Karakiozis, Evangelos Theologis, Evangelos C. Papakitsos 145-160

Learning theories and use of multimedia technology in Physical Education teaching

    Aspasia Dania 161-178

Basic aspects of cooperation between educator and the family

    Evangelou Filippos 179-193

Evaluation: Ally or rival of teachers?

    Antonios Papadopoulos 194-210

Media and Environmental Education

    Stelios Lazaridis 211-221

Investigating health education programs in secondary education

    Kadigiannopoulos Georgios 222-235

Comparing and comments on articles with reference to bullying amongst colleague teachers in schools. The role of the principal-leader

    Nerantzidou Anthoula, Mamakou Kyriaki 236-252

Τowards a cultural interdisciplinary teaching model in History of Art & Costume

    Sapfo A. Mortaki 253-269
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