Volume 5 | Issue 1 | 2017
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    Spyros Kioulanis 5-6

Selection of environmental education teaching techniques from categories for raising recycling awareness in Preschool and Primary Education

    Evangelia Balampekou, Dr. Thomas Koutsos, Dr. Georgios Menexes, Dr. Oikonomou Andreas, Dr. Karayannis Vayos 7-47

Bioscience and Bioethics highlighted by Adult Education’s socio-cultural approach of P. Jarvis and person-cantered theory of C. Rogers for the education of the Bioscientist as a “person”

    Katerina Kedraka, Georgia Rotidi 48-68
  Teaching Didactics! - Praxis and concerns in teacher's professional training
    Petros Gougoulakis 69-85

The social context of learning in adult online education

    Dr. Spiros Kioulanis, Dr. Anastasia Panagiotidou, Annoula Paschalidou, Anastasia D. Georgiadou 86-103

In – service training of teachers: issues of definition and typology. Greek experience and the international trends

    Sakkoulis Dimitris, Asimaki Anny, Vergidis Dimitris 104-126

Secondary education teachers’ beliefs on the teaching support of high ability students

    Theodoros Kokkinos 127-142

Greek teacher’s job satisfaction as a factor of self-formation; empirical approach

    Anthony Papaeconomou 143-157

Ethnomathematical approaches based on ancient calendars

    Gerasimos-Christos Asonitis 158-174

Procedures and criteria in selection of secondary school principals

    Lamprini Frosi 175-194

Upgrading of the Ecclesiastical Education: speculation and prospects

    Xanthi Almpanaki 195-207

«Α problem» child in educators’ discourse: Official diagnosis or just a label? An interpretative approach

    Ioanna Testempasidou 208-222
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