Volume 4 | Issue 3 | 2016
  Table of Content
    Spyros Kioulanis 6-7

Primary School teachers’ points of view about the sixth grade Mathematics Textbook: Content, appearance attributes and compliance with the Cross Thematic Curriculum

    Mastrogiannis Alexios 8-31

Opinions and perceptions of primary school teachers in issues of personal and professional development

    Maletskos Athanasios, Lypitka Melpomeni 32-49
  The New Common Curriculum for Foreign Language Teaching and the National Foreign Language Examination System - Points of Contact, Mutual Completion and Arguments for Implementation of ICT
    Dimitris Zeppos 50-61

Bullying. The case of bully. Characteristics and teaching approaches to reduce the level of bullying

    Demertzi Tatiana, Kopsidas Odysseus 62-70

The impact of school unit evaluation on the quality of education in vocational high schools. A study on the 2nd EPAL (School of Vocational Education) of prefecture of Xanthi

    Papastefanou Dim. Zafirios 71-95

School, local government and community interaction via formal, non-formal and informal school literacy practices

    Ioanna Vorvi, Eugenia Daniilidou, Papagalou Foteini 96-108

 Personality and Resilience of primary school principals

    Apostolia Beka, Dr Aggeliki Lazaridou 109-137

Development and evaluation of a 3D serious game for teaching Maths to first grade students. Results of a pilot program

    Emmanuel Fokides, Efrosini Xanthopoulou 138-154

The time management as a significant parameter of effective management of educational organizations

    Tsetsos Stavros 155-168

Facilitating a positive climate as an effectiveness factor and the catalytic role of the school principal

    Dr Κatsarou Eirene, Pitsiavas Dimitrios, Kakkos George 169-186

ADDIE: The extended model for designing in-company training actions

    Dr Brinia Vasiliki, Augerinos Dimitrios 187-193

Empowering Students’ Creativity through Art: Artful Thinking in Religious Education

    Komninou Ioanna, Spalioras Konstantinos 194-207
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