Volume 3 | Issue 1 | 2015



Drama is one of the cities in Northern Greece that are fortunate to preserve –albeit fragmentary- several buildings, both religious and secular (private and public as well), from the Ottoman period of its history. In this article, in the first place, there is a very brief view of the history of the city during the Ottoman period, and then, after running specific objectives and target, there is an attempt –with reference to the religious buildings of the period- to connect the local history to the teaching practice. Therein, a specific methodological approach is posited, focusing on the in person intake (visits to the religious buildings of the period), and reflected in the classroom through targeted worksheets. We should mention that in this article there is a secondary attempt, where appropriate, to briefly expose the epistemology related to the intake of local history, as well as the method and the tools of engagement through the teaching practice.


Full Text: pdfDrama through the Remaining Relegious Buildings of the Ottoman Period. An Example of Inatake and Exposure of the Local History through the Teaching Practice846.1 KB