Volume 3 | Issue 1 | 2015



The women's adult education is considered necessary for both self-development of women and socio-economic growth. Modern women, regardless their age, do not hesitate to involve into training procedures in order to acquire skills, to financially support their family, to establish themselves at their workplace or for simply the shake of their personal evolution. The purpose of this research is to find out how women experience education during a more mature phase of their life, in relation to family, professional and social environment. The qualitative approach was chosen, and data was collected via structured interviews during. The research was conducted during February 20154 and the sample consisted of 10 female volunteers, adult trainees in adult education structures, living in the county of DramaNorthern Greece, aged 36-53 years. The results showed that the position of women in modern society could be considered as the result of their educational choices. Through education and acquisition of knowledge, skills and qualifications during their adult life, they try to redefine themselves and at the same time stay ‘tuned’ to their role in the family, their work, their social environment. They seem happy, since they earn personal satisfaction, recognition, prestige and respect, although they must reconcile the family obligations to their participation in educational programs, trying to succeed as mothers, wives, trainees and employees.


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