Volume 3 | Issue 1 | 2015



The present research attempts to report teacher’s opinions on leadership characteristics of the headmaster of vocational high schools, in the frame of Total Quality Management. A frame that defined by the Excellence Model of the E.F.Q.M.. The research deploys at two levels. In the first one, attempts to be impressed teacher opinions of leadership quality characteristics, in present. In the second one, attempts to be adumbrated teacher opinions of leadership quality characteristics, in future, in order to achieve qualitative operation and so, to improve their effectiveness. Finally, checks up the correlation between teacher’s opinions and their demographic characteristics. It is an empirical research in which used questionnaire as research tool. The sample was 102 teachers of west Thessalonica.


Full Text: pdfThe leadership of vocational high school in the framework of Total Quality Management. An empirical study of E.F.Q.M.’s enabler “Leadership”.551.67 KB