Volume 2 | Issue 3 | 2014
  Table of Content
    Spyros Kioulanis 5 - 7

Exploring the views of teachers of Physical Education in connection with the use of experiential learning and active educational techniques within their participation in training programs

    Iosif Fragoulis, Konstantinos Christopoulos 9 - 27

Investigating the transformation of the views and the attitudes of teachers of mathematics because of their training in the use and exploitation of I.C.T. in the educational process

    Christos Ntogas 29 - 45

An approach to teachers training needs with dissimilar educational background. The case of the Model Manufacture Unit of Lakkia, Thessaloniki.

    Mastrodimitris Anastasios, Valkanos Efthymios, Kioulanis Spiros N. 47 - 77

The professional development and the support of a recently appointed teacher in Greek school, during the economic crisis

    Ntourou Elissavet 79 - 98

"Clothing in ancient Greece" - Τhe historical change through Avakio

    Katerina Kasimatis, Papageorgiou Theodora 99 - 113

Economy, Islam and Eastern Religions: Example of an Interdisciplinary Teaching for Upper High School

    Ioanna Komninou, Nicolas Metaxides 115 - 128

A Guide to Project Work According to the Curricula for German as a Foreign Language for Greek State Primary and Secondary Schools

     Dimitris Zeppos 129 - 146

Meditation for the utilization of the school library in the teaching method

    Sotiris Garbounis, Vasilis Simeonidis 147 - 166
  Student’s evaluation through the project method- Case study
    Venetia Kapachtsi, Ioanna Pantelidi, Markia Stamidou  167 - 182
  Proposal for adoption of strategic planning in the Greek educational system at school level - SWOT Analysis of the environment of educational institutions
    Bourelou Vaia 183 - 193
  Proposal of an educational changes model to face school violence
    Rentzi Argyro
195 - 209
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