Volume 10 | Issue 2 | 2022
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    Spyros Kioulanis 7

The contribution of educational specialties to the organizational culture through decision making

    Anastasia Tseregouni, Emmanouil Pavlakis

Distributed leadership in the primary schools of Crete

    Archodoula Lachanopoulou

About the concept of learning organization as an administrative dimension in adult education organizations and structures

    Konstantinos Oikomomou, Angeliki Lazaridou

Investigating the views of education staff on the training provided to teachers. Case study

    Panagiota Tsiachri, Evaggelos Anagnou

The factors that contribute to the improvement of the quality and efficiency of the modern school establishing it as a learning organisation

    Tasia Risva, Georgios Alexandropoulos

Operation of the Educational Priority Zones Reception Classes: Investigation of the views of teachers teaching in tem, through their submitted reports

    Athanasios Maletskos, Alexios Mastrogiannis

Greek - Cypriot parents and intercultural education

    Antria Loizou
  The impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on the educational process: A research approach to online learning for high school students with learning difficulties in Cyprus
    Constantia Charalampous , Zacharoula Karava

Blockchain technology in education: the future through the views of computer educators

    Dimosthenis Salagiannis, Grigoris Salagiannis, Stefanos Armakolas, Alexander Mikroyannidis

The use of Robotics in children with autism

    Athanasia Meintasi, Maria Evangeliou

Portfolio as a means of authentic evaluation of students in the context of Senior High School autonomy

    Michael Rempas

Exploring Greek language teachers’ views and attitudes on teaching speaking and listening in Greek Secondary education

    Konstantina Iliopoulou, Eleni Kolioni

Comparative Analysis of Classroom Based and Distance Education

    Panagiotis Liontos, Louiza Andreou

Stories about children during the pandemic. The example of Iolina and Koronakos. A bibliographic and research approach.

    Niki Dritsa, Anastasia Kalantzi-Azizi, Evangelos Karademas

Opinions of Philologists on the problems they face in their educational work. Case study in West Attica

    Sofia Savidou, Evaggelos Anagnou

The attitude of secondary education teachers in Distance Education

    Theodora Moustaka, Vasiliki Papaioannou, Ioannis Antoniadis

The implementation of the theory of transformative learning in Primary Education

    Maria Christou

The value of critical language awareness in language teaching and in wider cognitive structure of Lyceum students: views and attitudes of the teaching philologists of the 3rd year of Lyceum

    Konstantina Iliopoulou, Charikleia Velali

Argumentative writing –moral justification- critical thinking through collaborative computer supported environments

    Vassiliki Papadopoulou

Plato`s theory of Education

    Maria Andritsopoulou

Teachers’ views on school performance and their role in the teaching approach and in their relationships with students. The case of mountainous and secondary schoolsin the Prefecture of Ilia

    Eugenia Davou, Natassa Raikou

Exploring the predictive value of background knowledge in listening comprehension of digital stories

    Eleni Gkantia, Kostas Dinas

Operation of a school with the rules of sustainability

    Christos Ioannidis, Ioannis Arnaoutis

Preschool teacher’s views on the possibility of entering the specialty of occupational therapy in kindergarten in the context of creating more inclusive learning environments: A quantitative study

    Konstantina Kouki, Vasiliki Siamanta

Schools and Businesses: Is there a match?

    Georgios Gkinis

The effectiveness of the B2 Level Training program in Information and Communication Technologies. Opinions of Secondary Education Teachers of the Regional Units of Achaia and Corinth

    Marianna Diamantopoulou, Iosif Fragoulis

Occupational burnout among Physical Education teachers in the Primary and Secondary Education sector in Evia

    Maria Ioanna Ioannidi

"The concept of" citizen "-" citizenship "in the Curriculum of the course of Social and Political Education of the primary school and in the educational material of the Social Political Education of the primary school"

    Maria Karambela

The gender dimension in the Greek educational reality - The Glass roof or the cobbled floor?

    Maria Karambela
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