Volume 1 | Issue 1 | 2013
  Table of Content  
    Spyros Kioulanis 3-6
  Part A
  Educational communities of practice and professionallearning in the new school
    Eugenia Arvanitis
  Implementation of the De Bono’s method "six thinking hats" in online teacher training: the case of Physical Education teachers
    Chouliara Xanthie, Antoniou Panagiotis, Digelidis Nikolaos, Vernadakis Nikolaos, Kioulanis Spiros N. 30-46
  Interdisciplinary approach to leadership at elementary students through literature and physical education  
    Andreas G. Avgerinos, Kallitsa Tsirogianni 47-67 
  Strategies in Early Spatial Reasoning  
    Petros Kliapis 68-82 
  The School Principal’s need of training in ICT  
    Soultana Kolerda, Katerina Sarafidou, Antonis Spyridakis 83-99 
  Research approaches about nutrition habits of students - Issues on Research Methodology and perspectives
    Demiroglou Pantelis 100-118 
  The on-line distance training of teachers on gender issues as a factor of blunting gender-defined attitudes and inequalities of the educational system.
    Anastasia Panagiotidou 119-129
  Part B  
  The 21st century skills through the teaching of Religious Education: Case Study, the Schism of 1054
    Ioanna Komninou, Eleni Athanasiou, Maria Diakogiorgi-Papapostolou 131-149 
  ICT and laboratory teaching. Two teaching approaches on the Laws of Gases
    Nikolaos D. Kyriakopoulos 150-171
  Primary Productivity: Planning and Structuring of a Teaching Addressed to Graduated Students of Lyseum
    Maria Kalathaki 172-185
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